The Tobacco Exchange 50th Anniversary

The Tobacco Exchange 50th Anniversary

The crown jewel of every Tobacco Exchange Humidor is our 50th Anniversary Toro. This perfectly balanced wonder was blended in collaboration with the legendary Julio Eiroa and Justo Eiroa, the masterminds behind Aladino. Complex but easy to smoke, flavors of earth, leather, and nuts come together seamlessly in a cigar you simply must try

AJ Fernandez

The rich, spicy New World Oscuro packs a ton of flavor for not a lot of money, and the Last Call is one of the best short format cigars on the market today.
AJ Fernandez


Founded in 2016, ADVentura is a relatively new company, but one that certainly came out of the gate swinging. A collaboration between the son of a former Davidoff master blender and a swiss sommelier, ADVentura has achieved some of the highest ratings a new company has ever achieved. Stop by a Tobacco Exchange near you, and try one of the best new cigars on the market.

AJ Fernandez


One of the largest agricultural conglomerates in Central America, Aganorsa’s cigar division is equally impressive. Known specifically for their variations on Corojo wrapper tobacco, Aganorsa cigars are sure to please the palate looking for intense flavor. Also under the Aganorsa umbrella are brands such as JFR and Lunatic, both known for delivering large ring-gauge cigars packing great flavor at a great price.

Aganorsa Cigars


The Eiroa family has been growing tobacco since the early 20th century in Cuba, and until recently had mostly been known for their tremendous success with the Camacho brand of cigars. That changed in the 2010s when master blender Julio Eiroa and his son Justo introduced the cigar world to a masterpiece, The Aladino. Utilizing the best Corojo tobacco in the world, and now expanded to Connecticut, Habano, and Cameroon wrappers, The Aladino is the quintessential classic Cuban-style cigar. The Eiroa family was kind enough to invite us to their agricultural compound in Honduras, and we value their friendship and partnership greatly.

Arturo Fuente

True cigar royalty, very few companies inspire the kind of following Arturo Fuente does. Fuente’s regular production cigars are some of the best in the business, and their rare, limited offerings such as Opus X, Forbidden X, Anejo, and Rare Pink have achieved legendary status. We have had a long and successful relationship with Arturo Fuente, and rest assured we will have any special, rare, or limited cigar they release.


The Ashton Classic is the ideal cigar line if you’re looking for refined elegance. You’ll find these well-aged, creamy delights in all of our locations. In addition, we carry the La Aroma De Cuba and San Cristobal cigars made by this renowned company.

AVO Cigars

Originally blended by the famed Henke Kelner for Davidoff, AVO is another great cigar we carry in select locations.


Blackbird is a hot, new company out of Florida that offers a diverse range of boutique blends!


Founded in 1994, CAO has built a reputation for always pushing cigars in a new direction. Interesting flavor infusions, innovative fermentation techniques, and eye-catching packaging are just some of the ways General Cigars has continued the legacy of this storied company since its acquisition.


Cohiba has long been one of the most recognizable names in luxury cigars. Tobacco Exchange locations carry the classic Cohiba blends, as well as new and exciting limited releases.


Curivari is a small-batch boutique cigar that emulates classic Cuban flavors using premium Nicaraguan tobaccos, and at a great price.


Once a Sturgis exclusive, these Drew Estate-made infused cigars are some of the most popular smokes today.

Drew Estate

Drew Estate revolutionized the cigar industry with their unique flavors and branding. Today, they are one of the most recognized and prolific brands on the market. From the eye-opening flavors of the Acid and Tabak Especial lines, to the more traditional flavors of the Undercrown and Nica Rustica lines, to the sought after decadence of the Liga Privada and Pappy Van Winkle, you’ll find all the Drew Estate cigars you could dream of at our locations.

Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust

With Steve Saka, previously of Drew Estate, at the helm, the Sobremesa offering from Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust is a true treat for seasoned cigar smokers who enjoy complexity, a full-body, and a healthy amount of spice.”
Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust

Ferio Tego

From the ashes of Nat Sherman Cigars rises the phoenix of Ferio Tego. Michael Herklots has resurrected the Sherman blends we were afraid we’d never get to taste again. In addition, Ferio Tego offers some truly phenomenal small batch blends as limited edition releases.

Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust

Foundation Cigar Company

Founded by a former Drew Estate master blender, Foundation is a small-batch company with bold flavors all around. From the budget-friendly charter oak to the rich and flavorful Tabernacle, we’ve got you covered at Tobacco Exchange.
Foundation Cigar
God of Fire

God of Fire

God Of Fire is an ultra-premium cigar made in collaboration with Arturo Fuente. In addition to their eponymous cigars, they also produce the Fuente Aged Selection, which are boxes of vintage Fuente Opus X and Don Carlos blends aged to perfection.

Gran Habano

Gran Habano specializes in large ring gauge cigars at fair prices, but they also produce some great skinny cigars like lanceros in their rich, flavorful blends.
Gran Habano
Gurka Cigars


Looking for something with an infused kick? Gurkha offers some fantastic cigars flavored with Cognac, Rum, and Bourbon.

H. Upmann

The rumor goes that, before the Cuban Embargo was to go in effect, JFK tried to gather every H. Upmann cigar in the District of Columbia. This storied brand is perfect to light up for an afternoon or evening of relaxation.


With an eye on classic Cuban cigar flavors, and utilizing the ample fields of Aganorsa tobaccos, HVC has spent the last few years as one of the most promising newcomers in the cigar business. Be sure to try their tasty Hot Cake blend, as well as all their wonderful offerings.

Jake Wyatt Cigars

Exploding on the cigar just a few short years ago, Jake Wyatt boasts flavorful cigars that appeal to just about any palate and interesting aesthetic choices with the wrapper tobacco that also contribute to the flavor. You’ll want to experience all of their fascinating blends and unique flavors.

JC Newman

One of the companies that truly blazed the trail for cigar production in North America, Newman works closely with Arturo Fuente to produce great lines such as Brickhouse, Diamond Crown, Julius Caeser, and Black Diamond, as well as reasonably priced bundle cigars like Quorum.

Joya De Nicaragua

Nicaragua’s first cigar factory has been on a run for the ages in recent years. It is hard to remember one company producing so many highly-rated cigars in such a short span of time. The Cuatro Cinco, the Antaño CT, The Joya Silver, The Cinco Décadas, and the Numero Uno have all collected countless awards in just a few year’s time. You’ve simply got to try them.

La Flor Dominicana

LFD is the leader in full-bodied, full-flavored cigars. Known for their flavor-bomb ligero and oscuro tobaccos, demand for these cigars has far outpaced supply in recent years. No worry, though, as we’ve got plenty in stock.
Leaf by Oscar

Leaf by Oscar

Master Blender Oscar Valladares creates some very delicious Honduran cigars with an extremely unique presentation. Instead of cellophane, Oscar packages his cigars in tobacco leaf. What you get is tons of earthy tobacco flavor.


Even non-cigar smokers know the name Macanudo. Ubiquitous on golf courses and cruises, this cigar is synonymous with having a smooth, relaxing time.


Montecristo is quite possibly the most famous cigar in the world. Their fleur de lis logo has been common in cigar lounges since 1935. Tobacco Exchange locations showcase the classic Montecristo cigars, as well as many of their newer, limited releases.
My Father Cigars

My Father

Blended by the famed Master Blender Don Pepin Garcia and his son Jaime, My Father Cigars manufactures some of the most flavorful cigars in the business. Cigars such as La Opulencia, The Judge, La Promesa, La Gran Oferta, El Centurion, and Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial.


One of the largest tobacco growing operations in the world, it should come as no surprise that Oliva also manufactures some of the best cigars. Cigar lovers everywhere rave about the bold Oliva Serie V, the sumptuous and rich Melanio, and the budget-friendly cameroon-wrapped Serie G. Oliva also manufactures the NUB, a line of shorter cigars that have quite a following.


Padron has set the standard in the cigar industry that almost every other company aspires to. Their attention to quality is unmatched. Whether you try the thousand series core line, the 1964 Anniversary, the 1926 Anniversary, The smooth Connecticut-wrapped Damaso, or the opulent Family Reserve, Padron truly is the cream of the crop.


The name Plasencia has been well-known among Tobacconists for decades, but maybe not so much for your average cigar lover. That’s because they’re a huge farming operation that had been growing and selling tobacco to other companies mostly. That ended a few years ago when they decided to start manufacturing their own cigars out of some of the best tobacco they had. The result has been an instant success, and if you haven’t had a chance to try one of their incredible blends like the Alma Del Fuego, Alma Del Campo, or Alma Del Fuerte, you simply must.


Punch is one of the undisputed classic brands of the cigar industry. With roots reaching back to 19th century Cuba, it is difficult to find a cigar lover who hasn’t enjoyed the unmistakable spice of a Punch cigar.


Recently made available in the U.S., Regius makes combines tobacco from all parts of Nicaragua to make complex, medium-bodied cigars that are best described as cubanesque. These boutique smokes are truly fit for a king.

Rocky Patel

Rocky entered the cigar industry around a quarter century ago, and since then, the company has proven to be one of the most prolific around. From the Vintage Series, to the delicious coffee-infused Java, to the brand new, very special Sixty, Rocky Patel cigars are guaranteed to have a cigar in their portfolio for you.


Deep in the heart of Texas is where Rojas originates. “The King of Small-Gauge Cigars” offers up tantalizing boutique blends in sizes that truly highlight the flavor of premium wrapper tobacco.

Romeo y Julieta

Another of the elder statesmen of cigar brands, Romeo y Julieta was founded in the late 19th century in Cuba, and has since had a long history of offering one of the most ubiquitous smooth smoking experiences on the market.

Southern Draw

Southern Draw is headquartered in central Texas, but this veteran owned and operated boutique brand has been making waves all over the United States. Be sure to try their smooth, creamy, and sweet Rose of Sharon, or their robust, spicy Jacob’s Ladder.


If ever there was a brand that inspired the term “cult following,” it’s Pete Johnson’s Tatuaje. Working closely with the famed Garcia family, and with the mindset of a master wine vintner, Johnson specializes in short-run blends based around interesting themes, such as the yearly Halloween Monster series.

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